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Terms and payment

For reservations:

When you book we want to know the following:

Week / date for sailing (Changeover day Saturdays)

Name, address:

Mobile Number:

e-mail address:

Crew List:

No later than 30 days before your departure, we want a crew list emailed to info@sailaway.se We will send you a  Crew List together with the confirmation of your  booked week!

Terms of payment:

The entry fee is 20% of the agreed price and must be paid within 10 days from the time we have sent confirmation. Final payment must be CMB Entreprenad NEPA no later than 45 days before departure. We will send out confirmation and invoice for both entry fee and the sailing trip, at first mailing date. If payment periods running into each other, the Entry fee and the cost of the trip will made into one invoice.

The Agreement shall enter into force upon when deposit reach us and are then binding on both parties and the terms of the sailing trip is excepted at the same time.

Cancellation Terms:

After the registration fee has been paid, we are entitled to retain that amount in the event of cancellation.

Cancellations made after final payment 45 days before departure will not be refunded.

CMB Entreprenad NEPA´s responsibilities:

Upon cancellation of all or part of the sailing period due to causes which we have  had no control, such as failure of the boat, We will refund only the days that have not been used.

Repayment for all or part of the sailing period because of reasons that we have had no control of such as weather conditions, forcing local authorities or delays, or other unintended and unforeseen events beyond our control repays nothing.

We are not liable for unforeseen costs for flight, transfers and hotels that occurs if the journey is hindered by the same reasons as above.

The guest’s responsibility:

With a skipper on board, you do not need any previous experience of sailing or nautical skills. Sailing Routes and goals are jointly designed and can change depending on weather and wind conditions. The trip takes place on nature’s own terms and in inclement of weather, it can be stressful to sail. We always put safety first and take always into account how our crew is feeling. This may mean that a planned route may be changed. Skipper’s has the last word! For you and the safety of the yacht.

If a person on board, against a given instruction from the skipper, causing damage to the boat, because negligence, or intentionally, the person is responsible for the cost of the damage to the boat. The boat insurance covers damage to the boat and for liability to third persons, not for personal injuries. It is therefore incumbent upon each person on board, to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance, either through home insurance or by signing a separate travel and / or accident insurance. We are not responsible for personal belongings while traveling. By paying the registration fee constitutes acceptance of the CMB Entreprenad NEPA´s conditions.

This is not included in the rental of the Yacht:

Port charges, in Athens a bit more expansive on the island many times for free.

Food and beverage. We normally eat breakfast and lunch on board and at some of the many tavernas by night.

The skipper’s and hostess food on board a standard in the charter industry.

Consumed fuel, the boat is fully tanked upon arrival and will be refueled before departure. (consumption depending on wind and distance made during the week)


We reserve the right to make any typos and obvious mistakes in connection with publication of the website, quotes, rates and booking confirmation / invoice.

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