Sail Away offers private and crewed yacht charters in Greece to individuals that are looking to treat their family or friend to something special. Spending your next holiday sailing yacht in Greece is the perfect combination between luxury and adventure.




Our premium yacht charters are perfect for guests wanting to fully kick back and enjoy their holiday on board. This service includes:

  • An experienced captain. No previous boat or sailing experience necessary.

  • Fulltime hostess

  • All food and beverage shopping taken care of.

  • Food and beverages cooked and served by hostess.

  • Daily cleaning by the hostess.

If you have any questions regarding our premium yacht service please do not hesitate to contact us on info@sailaway.se


 Our DIY yacht  charter service is

suitable for guests that are happy to "do it themselves". This service includes following:

  • ​An experienced captain. No previous boat  or sailing experience necessary.

As a DIY guest you are responsible for:

  • Keeping the yacht nice and tidy during your holiday - basic cleaning.

  • Food and beverage shopping prior to departure and during the trip.

  • All cooking, serving and cleaning up of food and beverages.

  • This service includes

Our DIY charters are only available upon request. Please contact 

info@sailaway.se for more details 

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